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Rights and Permissions
If you have any questions concerning the usage or licensing of Maroo copyrighted materials, for example, photographs, video footage, Maroo advertisements or other Maroo materials, please submit your detailed request in writing. Please be sure to include any surrounding copy or text to the Maroo material.

Marketing or advertising requests (which may include promotions/givewaways, sponsorship, product placement and partnership requests) may be emailed to Laine Towey (

For use of Maroo copyrighted or trademarked material in third party works (eg., books, publications or media/broadcast) please email your detailed request to Laine Towey ( and include the following:

• Specific image(s) or material for which you are seeking permission

• Surrounding copy or text to the Maroo material you wish to use in your project

• Publisher, if applicable

• Publishing date (and countries), if applicable

• Title, if applicable

• How Maroo and its products fit into your project

• Your deadline

For any other information relating to Maroo Copyrights or Trademarks, please refer to the Maroo web site at

Requests may also be faxed to Maroo Rights and Permissions at 1-360-883-0333 or mailed to Maroo, Attention: Rights and Permissions, 3109 NE 109th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98682, USA. The Rights and Permissions email address is