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"...combine the look of jewelry with fully functioning earbuds."
"You probably haven’t heard of Maroo Audio... But based on the sound quality of its initial products, you might want to hear more from Maroo Audio."
"While most woman-tech is usually just man-tech painted pink, specialty headphone-maker Maroo Audio has launched two lines...of smaller, ‘girlier’ earbuds: Gem and Ice."
"Not only are they beautiful, but they’re built for women... The sound is amazing, they fit snug and comfortably, and the look speaks for itself."
"...stunning lines of headphones that offer far more comfort and a better sound experience at lower, healthier listening levels."
"These in-ear headphones not only glitter with feminine appeal, but they also are built especially to fit our ears."
"Maroo's headphones have "brilliant crystals and gemstones with metallic cues" to bring fashion and quality sound to your ears."
"Maroo Audio, with ACS, is a new company that deserves a place at the audiophile table."
"...unbeatable sound quality and experience."

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