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Getting to Know Spotify

Monday, July 25, 2011 by cyberacoustics

The time of owning your own music library is coming to an end. I've used Pandora and Rhapsody for years and the time has come to make a change. I heard about Spotify over a year ago, and was disappointed to learn that it was only available in Europe. But now that’s all changed. Like the Beatles coming to America, Spotify has finally arrived.

What is Spotify? Why is it different from other online services? Spotify makes your music available to you on-demand, any time you want, 24/7 across multiple listening devices. That beats any cloud service that requires you to pay for the cloud plus pay for the music you store in it.

Spotify isn't going to win easily over Apple’s iTunes and other solutions will exist on the market for some time to come but eventually, I imagine Apple will have to become more like Spotify to remain competitive.
Why is that? Spotify is available for free (just like iTunes) but it also has two paid levels. For just $4.99 a month, you have ad-free access to over 15 million songs and you can listen to any track or album you like. You can also import your own music collection—just like iTunes. How cool is that? If you’re on Facebook, you can share music with your friends by sending them links to your tracks or playlists. Or you can Tweet the song on Twitter and let it fly.
It’s a great way to learn more about new music, too. All the top artists have a “related artists” feature that suggests new artists for you to explore. For Premium users, at $9.99 a month, you can wirelessly sync all your favorite Spotify playlists to your phone and even listen offline, so you can access any song, no matter where you are.
When I think about how I will listen to music now, I can only reflect on the first time buying an album. I won’t date myself and tell you what it was, but I give you a hint: think purple. The pure joy of going to the store, buying the LP, firing it up on the turntable and having my parents yell at me from downstairs to “turn that garbage down!” It’s only a memory now, since all my music will be in the cloud thanks to services like Spotify. 

-Steve Murphy, CA CFO

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